Capturing Joy Project

The Capturing Joy Project brings together JOY, MINDFULNESS, CREATIVITY and GRATITUDE.  Students of the Capturing Joy Project learn how to take fabulous images with their camera phone to capture the JOY that is taking place in their lives.  Through the process of MINDFULNESS, students get curious and start seeing more.  Students of the Capturing Joy Project learn how to connect to their JOY through MINDFULNESS practices.


JOY does not come into our meets us where we are.

We cannot create JOY, we need to connect to it.


The Capturing Joy Project, teaches students about tapping into their creativity, how to see light and how it can make or break an image, composing an image, and how to take an image to an art piece through recommended camera phone apps.   

After completing the workshop, students take part in a challenge sharing moments of JOY they captured.  Recently, students participated in an opportunity to have their image at a local art gallery, Two Rivers Gallery, in the Rustad Galleria.  The Capturing Joy Exhibition is taking place from August 3rd to September 10th, 2017.  

All of our life experiences bring us to where we are today...the good and the not-so-good.   The Capturing Joy Project, is all about seeing the good and finding the joy, even when you are having a crappy day, week, month or year.  By taking a moment to connect with something that makes you happy and brings you joy, snaps you out of that dark place and creates light.

Join us in learning how to Capture Joy and be a part of our Capturing Joy Project.

Our next Capturing Joy Workshop is taking place in September.  Space is limited, register today to secure a seat.