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The VALUE...

Do you remember going through photo albums as a child?  I loved this!  I loved seeing my mom as a teenage girl with a big perm, or my dad holding me as a newborn with his long sideburns (yes, I was a child of the 70's), or my brother and I riding our bikes.  Something that was mom with us in images.  She was the photographer, and as a result, she was not in many of our family photos.

Family's choose to have a session captured by a professional photographer to make sure everyone is included and they hope for beautiful images that truly capture them.  I am honoured that you are considering me to photograph your family and tell your story of this moment in your lives, thank you!

I am so excited to offer a session that will capture all of you, your personalities and your relationship with one another.  Our children grow up so quickly, and this is a perfect way to make this more than just a memory.  Something you can share with them when they are older.  I have been a professional photographer for almost a decade, and in that time, have mastered how to naturally pose, light and compose.  

I will put together a beautiful presentation of the images captured, something that will make you smile, laugh and cry.  Each image chosen is printed and presented in a beautiful mat for display. During your session, we will not only capture beautiful images, but also fun video that will be added to your final presentation.  

I would love to meet you and learn more about your family.   Together, we can plan out a session that will tell the story of your family... which I have no doubt will be shared with future generations.

Head to the contact tab on the top of this page and send me a note and I will be in contact to set up a date for us to meet.  I look forward to hearing from you.