wedding faq


What do you consider your photography style to be?

I am known best for being able to capture true personalities through my images. I work in such a way that when you look at your wedding images, you will feel the same emotions as you did on your big day. My style is all about having fun, being yourself, and bringing out the best of who you are in an image. No fake smiles allowed! 

What is included in my wedding package? 

We have a number of packages to choose from based on your needs. However, every package includes an engagement session, a gorgeous gallery wrapped canvas, a USB of 300-400 full resolution images (number of images will depend on your wedding package), and a private viewing of your wedding day highlights at our studio. 

Do you bring an assistant or a second photographer?

Yes I do bring along a second photographer. Sometimes it is just not possible for me to be in two places at once, so I have help to make sure that I am able to capture every important moment during your big day. I assure you that this person will be very trustworthy and will be highly qualified for the position, so sit back and relax! We got this covered. 

Are you the actual photographer that will be shooting my wedding day?

Believe it or not, this has actually happened. A couple will book a photographer and someone else shows up to photograph their wedding.  However, this is something that will not happen. I make it a priority to be with you every step of the way, from the days leading up to after, so that you get the best experience and the most beautiful images possible.

What happens if you are not familiar with my ceremony/reception sight?

If I have never attended the venue, I will take time to visit the site beforehand to check it out. If you want to come along, you are more than welcome to show me around and tell me more details about the big day. It will allow for us to be on the same page and will give me a clear idea of what you hope to see in your images.

Do you do destination weddings?

Yes, absolutely! Please feel free to contact me directly to find out more about my destination wedding packages and travel fees. 

Do you have liability insurance? 

I do have liability insurance and a number of other coverage’s to make sure that I am fully protected the day of your wedding.  

Do you have backup cameras?

Yes! I have two cameras, different types of flashes, and other backup equipment on hand during your wedding day. I want to make sure that this experience is as stress free as possible for you.

What are your retainer fees and your Cancellation policy?

I have a $500 retainer fee that is due two weeks before wedding date. If you decide to cancel, the fee is non-refundable unless I am able to book another wedding for the same day.  We will discuss this in more detail during our planning session before your wedding. 

Do you have references I can call?

Yes, no problem. Upon request, I will send you a list of phone numbers of couples that have agreed to be references.


Wedding day


When do you arrive on the day of the wedding?

My arrival time is up to you. Typically, l show up a couple hours before the ceremony so that I can be there for when you, your fiancé, and your wedding party are getting ready. It is also a great time for me to connect with your family and get to know them before we do family photos. I am very flexible with how you use your coverage hours in your package.   

When do we do the photos of the family, wedding party, and family? How long does it take?

I normally like to have about 2 hours between ceremony and reception for photos, not including travel time. I usually start with family photos right after the ceremony and the time it takes will vary depending on the size of the family. After, I usually do wedding party photos and then finally, I will focus on you and your new husband/wife. Even though I set aside around two hours, I do not like to put a time limit on this part of the day because I want this to be a great experience for you. Also, by taking our time and being relaxed, we are able to get the best images. But do not worry, I will always be mindful of your schedule.


After the wedding


When will I be able to see my images for the first time?

Within the first week after your wedding you will receive a teaser and either a short video or blog post. In the next two to three weeks, I will invite you back to the studio for a private premier of your wedding images. Family and friends are more than welcome to tag along for this part as well! It is during this time that you will receive the digital copies of your images and will discuss exactly what products you would like to order. 

How much editing is done to the photographs?

I edit your photos only to make the original image look more vibrant and stunning. However, I will not alter the image so that you look like a different person. I believe that a true photographer can capture the perfect image using only their camera. The editing should only enhance the image but never change it.

Do the high resolution images have water marks?

No they will not, your high resolution images will be watermark free. However, I will provide you with lower resolution images containing the watermark in case you want to share the images with your friends and family on social media.  

You gave me a USB stick with the digital negatives, what do I do with it?

First and foremost, please back them up! These images are so precious and you do not want to lose them. Back them up onto an external hard drive and put that in a safe place. After that, it is up to you how you use the images. My only condition is that you continue to enjoy them!