Coordinating colours not matching

There is no need to be perfectly matching in a photo, it will only make everyone blend together. Outfits with colours that coordinate make beautiful images. To make it simple, pick a color pallet and choose your clothes based on that. Also, don’t be afraid of colours! When used right they can add so much to an image. Just be sure to not make them too bright or they will distract away from your fabulous self.


Simple patterns

I love patterns and bright colours in an outfit but they should be kept simple during a photography session. Otherwise, it can be very distracting. If you are in a group, try and limit the number of people wearing a pattern to one person in a small group and two people in a big group.





Accessories can be fun to play with during a session so don’t hesitate to bring along some of your favourite pieces. For example, hats, necklaces, scarfs, and ties are all encouraged. If you have something extra special and unique you would like to bring, please check with me ahead of time and we will discuss ideas on how to make it work. 


No logos please

Large logos on clothing can really take away from an image. Even though your little one may object to taking off their favourite Batman T-shirt that they have been wearing for the past two weeks, it is best to leave it at home. 


Consider your location and time of year

Keep in mind your location and what the weather might be doing the day of your session. For fall and winter sessions, be sure to dress warm enough that you won’t be too cold from standing outside for a long period of time. For spring and summer sessions, dress light and in layers in case we get some unexpected weather changes.

The location will also help you to determine your colour pallet. If we are photography outside in a garden for example, wear earthy colours. If we are in a more industrialized setting, you can be bolder with your color choices.  


Think of your home décor

Since you will be displaying these images in your home, it is a good idea to consider your home’s color scheme and décor when picking your outfits. Do you have bright and fun colors? Or more soft and neutral colors? Basing your color pallet on this will help make that image look even more gorgeous on your wall. 


Be timeless

These images are art pieces and are meant to be displayed in your home for years to come. Try and pick out an outfit that is timeless and classic. 


Keep makeup soft and simple

Putting on some makeup is totally fine and even encouraged if it is part of your everyday look, but please avoid putting on too much to the point that you look like a totally different person. I want to be able to celebrate your natural beauty and capture the real you during a session.


Plan ahead

Planning ahead always helps to make the process less stressful. Once you know the date of your session, pick out the clothes right away so you can make sure they are clean and ready to go on the day of.  If your session is outside, check the weather forecast to see what the temperature will be so that you can plan accordingly.


Be yourself

One of the most important things to remember is be yourself! Let your wonderfully unique personalities shine because that is what is going to make the experience the most memorable. Whether that is reflected in your clothes, your hair, or your accessories, we will make it work. 


This is your time to shine!

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